Knicks’ Cole Aldrich Scores on His Own Hoop vs. Pacers (Video)

Cole Aldrich

At the end of the Knicks’ pathetic season, journalists everywhere will get fired up for a clip like this.

Cole Aldrich accidentally scored on his own hoop while trying to pull in a rebound, in what everyone is declaring a metaphor for the Knicks’ season. Sure, the Knicks suck, but these things happen.

Nonetheless, it is pretty apt that this happens to the Knicks, rather than another team. I mean, throughout the season, it seems like the Knicks have been about five times more likely than any other team to have dumb stuff happen to them. Of course, it could also just be that the media likes to highlight Knicks screw-ups more than the screw-ups of other teams.

Whatever the case, enjoy Cole Aldrich bumbling the easiest rebound in the world:

Oh, in case there was any question…the Knicks lost 102-86.

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