Jeff Van Gundy Calls Out The Masters’ Bigotry During Telecast (Video)

Jeff van Gundy

A lot has been said of ESPN losing its bite when it comes to critical talk of sports that serve as the networks’ on-air content. Well, Jeff Van Gundy didn’t get that memo. During last night’s Phoenix-Dallas game, he abruptly and beautifully chimed in on why he doesn’t watch The Masters tournament after simply stating, “I can’t.”

When quickly pressed, he responded to Mike Breen and Mark Jackson with, “Oh, like they didn’t allow black people and women in there? Something like that? Yeah, I’m glad we’re quiet about that. But anyway, how about Jack Nicklaus making a hole-in-one today in the par-three tournament?”

Here’s the clip. It starts quickly and stays awkward for a minute:

That’s awesome. I mean, this is during a promo for ESPN’s coverage of the event today. And while Jeff van Gundy is a little blunt about things, it’s not like anyone can craft an argument against him other than, “Shut up, Jeff. You’re gonna get us in trouble!”

The good news is that I don’t think you can really get someone in trouble for this without kicking a whole hornets nest. So ESPN will likely have to clench their teeth and let this one go.

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