Jimmy Fallon Drops His Hilarious Superlatives on NHL Players (Video)


We’re knocking on the door of the NHL playoffs, which start in just a week, and while that might be news to many American viewers, Jimmy Fallon and the Tonight Show decided to give them an education on hockey’s elite with his trademark superlatives.

And while making fun of hockey players is sort of like shooting fish in a barrel, that doesn’t make it any less funny. In fact, it makes it hilarious, since Fallon uses his superlatives in a way that viewers don’t need to be familiar with the person in question in order to get a laugh. He did this same thing last year, and it made for some pretty great comedy. I mean, we haven’t seen a field of athletes this ripe for mockery since his PGA edition.

I mean, who doesn’t love a good Dawson’s Creek joke?


Here’s the clip:

Even hockey’s biggest fans have to be on board with this. I mean, look at Jay Bouwmeester! He looks like the type of guy that would find a spider in his house and then put it up for sale the next day.

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