Prince Fielder Tumbles for No Reason Catching a Pop Fly (Video)

Prince Fielder

We post a lot of embarrassing clips here at TPS. Pants falling off, nose-pickers, and lots of homoerotic displays. But it’s hard to get more embarrassing than a baseball player botching a pop fly all by himself. If there’s a rail involved, or a collision with another player, that’s one thing, but if not, then you’re left all alone. Just you and your shame.

Ask Prince Fielder how it feels. The Rangers first baseman went about 15 feet into foul territory to catch a very comfortable fly ball…and he made an absolute mess of things. He clearly wasn’t tracking the ball very well (his footwork makes it look like he’s trying to learn the Charleston), but that still doesn’t explain his collapse at the end.

Take a look at the awesome blooper:

Prince Fielder really ate it there, and there weren’t a whole lot of external factors to blame it on. This is just a “I forgot how to catch a baseball” moment.

And it’s awesome. Now dust yourself off and get back out there, Prince.

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