A-Rod Smacked His First Home Run Since Fall of 2013 (Video)


Proving that you can’t keep a good man down (okay, maybe that’s not true), A-Rod smacked his first home run of the season against Toronto. His home run wasn’t just the first of the season, but his first since September, 2013, so it was a pretty big moment for the disgraced Yankess slugger.

A-Rod was sent to time-out for the entirety of last season for his repeated lying and denial of using performance-enhancing drugs to just about anyone who would listen.

If you’re an A-Rod hater, you can take solace in knowing that it was only a solo shot, so he only got credit for one RBI. Silver linings and whatnot.

Here it is:

And, against all odds, A-Rod apparently made a pretty funny joke about his absence from the game, as relayed to this dude and then to us, via that dude’s Twitter:

The only explanation is that he thought of that in like November when he knew he was returning and has been DYING to use it. Still, funny is funny, and that’s sort of funny.

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