Iconic Hip-Hop Album Covers Were Re-Created with NBA Stars (Pics)

hip-hop album covers

The overlap between basketball and hip-hop is pretty apparent, so it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that an artist took some of the NBA’s best and brightest, and inserted them into iconic hip-hop album covers. The artist in question is Jesse Nunez, and he does some pretty great work, not only cramming the players’ likenesses in there, but also tweaking the album titles to something a little more apropos for the players in question.

All in all, some pretty cool work, and damn funny.

Here’s a rundown of the pics in question. Some are a little stronger than others, but even the Kevin Durant one, which looks like he was photographed at a Glamour Shots studio, is hilarious. And that bit about The Sonic has to sting Seattle residents just a little.

Hat Tip – [Jesse Nunez, via Bleacher Report]

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