Watch James Harrison Play Volleyball with a Medicine Ball (Video)

James Harrison

James Harrison is kind of a beast. You know that from seeing him in just about every capacity, but initially, his appearances on Hard Knocks with the Bengals showed it first hand. And now he’s taken to posting his insane workouts on social media.

So you know if the guy is gonna play volleyball, he’s not gonna turn it into that scene from Top Gun. James Harrison has his own version of volleyball that involves chucking a ten-pound medicine ball around a sand court to teammates. It’s insane, but he still got some Steelers teammates to join him. The other guys in question are Ryan Shazier, Vince Williams, and Robert Golden.

Here’s the video:

I call it “Insanity Ball.” It was created by a trainer, presumably for people he didn’t like, so they could pull every muscle in their body while playing.

The big takeaway, as usual, is “Don’t piss off James Harrison.”

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