Jimmy Fallon Chugs Beer at Yankees Game (Videos)

Jimmy Fallon chugs beer yankees game

Quick! A ball has just been hit into your section at a baseball game.  You know the television cameras are on you for that brief moment.  What do you do???

I probably wouldn’t do anything, unless I thought of something cool, like chugging a beer.  That’s what Jimmy Fallon thought of when the camera was on him while he watched Thursday’s game at Yankee Stadium from his front-row seats behind home plate.

Pay close attention to the fan who stands up in the top-right corner of the screen immediately following the foul ball.  That’s Fallon, just chugging a beer. Watch:

Here’s a closer look as Jimmy Fallon chugs beer during the Yanks-Jays game:

In case you were wondering, Fallon’s beer chugging brought the Yanks no luck.  They were beat by the Jays, 6-3.

Hat Tip – [BroBible]


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