Heroic College Basketball Player Lauren Hill Dies of Cancer

Lauren Hill

Just a few weeks after signing on to Mount St. Joseph to play college basketball, 18 year-old Lauren Hill learned that she had terminal brain cancer. Being a fighter, she chose to spend the remaining two years the doctors had projected for her by living her life to the fullest and continuing her dream of playing basketball.

Lauren Hill died this morning of her affliction, but no one could argue that she didn’t make the most of the time she had, knowing the end was near.

After her diagnosis, she suited up with her team and went off to class. She fought through the pain, both emotional and physical, to prepare for her freshman campaign. Unfortunately, her condition worsened rapidly, and Mount St. Joseph, along with a social media outpouring, campaigned to have the season opener moved up so she could get her time on the court in while she was still able to. (We wrote about that campaign in this piece.)

By the time the game was held, she had to play with her non-dominant hand because the tumor had begun to compress her brain, affecting the other side of her body.

She said after the game, “It’s a dream come true. To play on a college court, to put my foot down on the floor and hear the roar of the crowd — I just love it so much. I love basketball.” Most people don’t get to have their dreams come true, so this is a pretty great story, despite the sad, sad ending.

Being the fighter she was, she survived long past December, which is what her prognosis gave her until. But this morning, on April 10th, she succumbed to cancer in a hospital. Her struggle and strength raised over $1.5 million in cancer research through her organization.

Lauren’s spirit and determination lives on through her non-profit organization, which is called The Cure Starts Now. If her strength or story compels you, please considering checking out her foundation and donating.

Goodbye, Lauren. You were a pretty amazing person and a shining example of the best aspects of sports.

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