Check Out This Mind-Blowing Martin Montoya Trick Shot from Friday’s FC Barcelona Practice (Video)

martin montoya trick shot barcelona practice

The United States Soccer Federation and Major League Soccer have been trying to grow their sport on home soil for decades, but it’s always been an uphill battle. However, FC Barcelona defender Martin Montoya has finally solved the puzzle. He’s finally figured out how to get more Americans to watch soccer.

The solution? Make soccer basketball.

At Barcelona’s Friday training session, some of the players were horsing around a bit with one of the facility’s basketball hoops. That’s when Montoya did this:

I don’t know about you, but my first gut reaction to that when I saw this Martin Montoya trick shot was that it was literally some kind of trick. That it could not have actually happened.

However, as I watched it again and again…and again…and again, I realized no, it’s real.The shadows on the ball give it away. Martin Montoya really did sink a nice lofty cross into that basket. And it was amazing.

Now, I’m not saying the MLS should immediately replace soccer goals with basketball hoops. But they could start by replacing penalty kicks at the end of games with this. Then they could eventually phase out grass in favor of hardwood. And, in time, they could transition to players using their hands and dunking. Make it a gradual transition, you know?*

*JK everyone. Soccer’s great.

Hat Tip – [ESPN FC]

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