Rice Football Signs 7-Year-Old with Leukemia in Touching Ceremony (Video)

rice football signs 7-year-old with leukemia

This week, Rice football did something pretty special for a seven-year-old little boy named Ziggy Stoval-Redd.

Ziggy is currently facing a tough battle against leukemia. However, he loves football, so when Owls head coach David Baliff heard about him, he knew he could do something to brighten Ziggy’s spirits.

That something? Signing Ziggy as a recruit and making him a part of the Rice Owls football team. So they invited Ziggy and his mom to a special press conference, and they made things official.

Take a look:

Rice football is not the first sports team to do something like this. In fact, signing sick kids has become a pretty big trend in college sports and pro sports. But man, no matter how many teams do it, and no matter what their underlying motives are, this sort of thing just does not get old.

Hats off to the Rice Owls for taking time to make an adorable little kid with a hard road ahead of him forget his troubles for an afternoon.

Hat Tip – [College Spun]

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