The 5 Worst (And 4 Best) Aspects of The Masters

the masters augusta national

To say The Masters is a divisive sporting event would be an epic understatement. The biggest tournament in golf, the one most rooted in tradition, gets called to task by critics for exemplifying aspects of exclusivity, elitism, and good ole’ fashioned bigotry. And it’s hard to argue with the evidence. Black members and women have been late additions to Augusta Country Club’s membership roster, and only under huge pressure from the media. The Masters and Augusta are linked in a fashion that no other event and venue in sports is, so it’s hard to extricate The Masters golf tournament from the practices of the country club that holds it.

However, there are elements of tradition and integrity to The Masters that may be hard to see beyond the obvious social issues that Augusta has been slow to acknowledge and face.

So, with a mixed bag of findings, let’s examine the five worst and four best aspects of The Masters.

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