Troy Polamalu Retirement: Steelers Great Hangs Up the Cleats

troy polamalu retirement

On Friday, Pittsburgh Steelers safety/hair model Troy Polamalu officially retired from the NFL.

In a statement given to the Herald-Standard of Uniontown, PA, the 33-year-old says the decision came down to wanting to spend more time with his wife and two sons, which is probably true. However, it’s also true that the writing was on the wall. The Steelers were probably going to have to cut the decrepit old man from their roster to make room for up-and-comer Shamarko Thomas. So instead of dragging things out and finishing his career in colors other than black and gold, Polamalu called it quits.

It really was the right decision, too. The guy certainly has nothing left to prove. In 12 NFL seasons, Troy Polamalu made eight trips to the Pro Bowl, earned five All-Pro selections, won a Defensive Player of the Year award, and snagged two Super Bowl rings. The dude is going to the Hall of Fame, and he’s made plenty of money. Why keep smashing his head against large men week in and week out?

Still, we’re going to miss the huge hits.

And of course, the gorgeous locks.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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