Tiger Woods Drops F-Bomb After Errant Drive At The Masters (Video)

Tiger Woods Drops F-Bomb at The Masters

Tiger Woods drops F-bombs and other expletives on a regular basis while he’s out on the golf course, and the latest came during the third round of The Masters at Augusta on Saturday.

Sitting at 4-under for the day and 6-under for the tournament through the first 12 holes of the third round, Tiger’s tee shot on 13 went way left. Judging by his response, he wasn’t too pleased with the result.

You can watch Tiger’s tee shot and listen carefully for his NSFW response in the video below:

In case you missed it, “Oh my f*&king god” are the words you hear coming from Woods’ mouth. And I’m quite certain those same words were running through his head after he nailed this putt to somehow record a birdie on the hole:


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