Bartolo Colon RBI Single Every Bit as Hilarious Bartolo Colon Strikeout (Video)

bartolo colon rbi single

Bartolo Colon is the least athletic player in Major League Baseball. Unfortunately, for 15 of his 17 seasons, the guy has pitched in the American League, which means he did not have to swing the bat.

Why is that unfortunate? Because, as we all learned last year, watching an un-athletic fat guy swing a bat is hilarious. So those 15 years in the American League deprived us of an untold number of hilarious Bartolo Colon at bats.

Luckily, Colon rejoined the Mets in 2014 and had a solid season. So the 41-year-old is back with them again this year. And on Sunday he actually got a hit—an RBI single—against the Braves. But of course it was still hilarious in that un-athletic-fat-guy-swinging-a-bat sort of way.

Check out this Bartolo Colon RBI single:

Never retire, Bartolo. Please.

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