Big Papi’s Warm Greeting to Jacoby Ellsbury: “Hey Rich Bitch!” (Video)

david ortiz to jacoby ellsbury hey rich bitch

David Ortiz and Jacoby Ellsbury won two World Series together with the Boston Red Sox. However, Ellsbury became an unrestricted free agent after the last one in 2013. And like Johnny Damon before him, he chased a dollar sign followed by lots of zeros from Beantown to the Bronx, joining the arch rival New York Yankees.

Obviously, to fans this felt like a stab in the back. However, if you ask players what they think, they’ll usually say “it’s just business,” or something like that.

You shouldn’t listen to them when they say that, though, because it’s bs.The players care. They care big time.

Just take a look at this warm greeting Big Papi extended to Jacoby Ellsbury after he reached second base on a wild pitch in the top of the 4th inning on Sunday:

Normally the outfielders get heckled by opposing fans in the bleachers. However, when you leave the Red Sox for a seven-year, $156 million contract with the Yankees, you get Big Papi yelling “hey rich bitch” in the middle of a game…even though his team is trailing 7-0.

You gotta love that Yankees-Red Sox rivalry.

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