Arizona Mulling Darren Sharper Penis Monitor Should Serial Rapist Be Granted Parole


Former NFL safety Darren Sharper has basically been travelling around the country drugging and raping women since he retired from football in 2010. On March 24, 2015, he pled guilty to seven rapes in California, Nevada, Louisiana, and Arizona between September 2013 and November 2014. But it seems highly unlikely that a guy who raped seven women in a span of just 14 months has not also raped other women who have not come forward.

Unfortunately, because Sharper agreed to a plea deal, he’ll serve his two 20-year federal sentences concurrently. And because he’ll get credit for time served, in just nine years this serial rapist will be eligible for parole.

That seems a little unfair considering the nature of his crime. However, rest assured that if Sharper does get paroled in nine years, he’ll have a number of severe restrictions. These include GPS tracking; sex offender counseling; no alcohol consumption and no visits to bars the rest of his life; no internet dating; approval to travel more than 50 miles; and possibly even a penile plethysmograph.

Penile plethysmograph? Yeah, that would basically be a Darren Sharper penis monitor. Authorities in Arizona are mulling the idea of attaching a sensor to Sharper’s penis and showing him a variety of explicit images. The sensor will tell them what stimulates Sharper the most, thereby giving them an idea of how likely he is to re-offend.

That’s the theory, anyway. I have no idea if a penile plethysmograph actually works. But it does sound utterly humiliating. And if there’s one thing Darren Sharper deserves—besides just being locked up for the rest of his miserable life—it’s to be publicly humiliated. So assuming he’s granted parole, I’m all for this.

Hat Tip – [Huffington Post]

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