Jameis Winston Was on Gruden’s QB Camp, and He Was Damn Impressive (Video)

jameis winston gruden's qb camp

It’s easy for football fans to judge a quarterback’s athletic ability just by watching games. What’s often difficult to judge is their intelligence. For that, you usually have to rely on the word of trusted authorities, because you’re not in the room when quarterbacks are talking strategy with their coaching staff.

That’s not the case with projected #1 NFL draft pick Jameis Winston. He recently sat down with Jon Gruden to tape an episode of Gruden’s QB Camp and get quizzed about his career plans and various football situations. And in doing so, Winston proves that while he may be goofy and immature, he’s no dummy when it comes to Xs and Os.

Below, you can watch the entire episode (while it lasts). However, if you’re short on time and you just want to watch a short clip, skip to the 8:43 mark and watch until 11:32. That will give you an idea of Jameis Winston’s strategic acumen.

Boy, it sure was nice of Jon Gruden to film a Jameis Winston commercial ahead of the draft, huh? I wonder if Gruden will get a call from Marcus Mariotta‘s agent asking if he can do one, too.

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