James Hahn Calls Stroke Penalty on Himself, Misses Masters Cut By 1

James Hahn Masters

In life, nice guys always finish last.  And in the sport of golf, those same nice guys always miss the cut.

Golfer James Hahn is the perfect example of this, as he called a one-stroke penalty on himself when his ball moved ever so slightly while on the green during Friday’s second round at The Masters.  The slight movement of his ball probably would have gone unnoticed, but being the honest guy that he is, Hahn called the penalty on himself anyways.  And it proved to be a costly decision, as he would go on to finish the round with a score of 3-over-par, leaving him one stroke short of the cut line.

Was sacrificing a shot at playing Augusta on the weekend worth it in order to uphold the integrity of the game?  James Hahn still seems to think so:

He may not have won any prize money at this year’s Masters tournament, but James Hahn did earn our respect with his honesty.  And that still counts for something, doesn’t it?

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