This Manny Pacquiao Music Video Sure Is a Head-Scratcher (Video)

Manny Pacquiao music video

We all know that boxers take their fight preparation extremely seriously. Some abstain from sex, some go on insane diets, and some probably do nothing differently. Then we’ve got this Manny Pacquiao music video, which suggests that the fighter has a little too much time on his hands. I mean, what else is he going to do prior to his May 2nd fight against Floyd Mayweather? TRAIN?

It’s wildly inessential, and pretty crass pandering to his countrymen. It title of the song translates┬áto “I’m going to fight for Filipinos.” So there you have it. Also, he’s fighting for like $50 million. But mostly Filipinos.

Here’s the video. I hope you like autotune.

“Lalaban Ako Para Sa Filipino” OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO!

Posted by Manny Pacquiao on Sunday, April 12, 2015


Something tells me that if Floyd Mayweather was to release a music video, it wouldn’t be all that heartwarming. In fact, we probably wouldn’t even be allowed to show it on our site. So let’s enjoy this wholesome Manny Pacquiao music video, even if we have more questions than answers after watching it.

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