Returning Solder Surprises Family During Coyotes Puck Drop (Video)

puck drop

Ceremonial puck drops are a pretty pointless exercise, just like throwing out the first pitch, or having a celebrity call a coin toss. However, they do afford NHL teams the chance to do things like reunite deployed soldiers with their families.  So they’ve certainly got some sentimental value, even if dropping a puck before a game has no practical purpose.

During the Phoenix Coyotes‘ last game of the season, U.S. Army Sergeant Dan Urman snuck up on his parents prior to the pre-game puck drop to surprise them.  And he got a great reaction from them, almost accidentally killing his father during an outpouring of emotion.

Here’s the video. You can’t fake that type of enthusiasm. You just can’t:


Notice he manages to take his father out during the giant hug. That’s a four-foot fall onto ice. His dad must be a pretty tough dude to be un-phased by that.

Next time, maybe issue helmets to all parties involved, Coyotes. I mean, the players get them and they’re pros. Nothing would ruin a good puck drop reunion like a concussion on the ice.

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