Stupid Augusta National Tree Root Gives Tiger Woods Dislocated Wrist at Masters (Videos)

tiger woods dislocated wrist

About two months ago, Tiger Woods announced he was taking a break from competitions to work on his game. But over the weekend he made his relatively triumphant return at the 2015 Masters (17th place is better than 40th, right?). And it would appear that, in addition to ironing out the kinks in his golf swing during his hiatus, the world’s golf legend was also watching a lot of hockey.

No, Tiger didn’t slash anybody with a seven iron, or slide in front of them while they were attempting a putt. But he did sustain a pretty nasty injury on Sunday, shake it off, and finish the round. So that’s something.

On the ninth hole, Tiger’s tee-shot landed off the fairway under the pines. All things considered, it wasn’t the worst lie. Or at least, it didn’t look like the worst lie. What Tiger didn’t know was that there was a tree root right underneath his ball, and when his club head hit it, that root dislocated a bone in his wrist.

After that, Tiger did his best impression of a hockey player.

“There’s a little joint that popped out,” he explained afterward, “and I was able to somehow put it back in, which didn’t feel very good. At least I got it back in; I could move my hand again. It’s sore. I’m not going to be lifting any weights for a while.”

Tiger Woods: Golfer of Steel.

Hat Tip – [NESN]