Bryce Cotton, 6’1″, Threw Down a Jaw-Dropping Alley-Oop (Video)

Bryce Cotton

A good rule of thumb is, “The smaller the player, the better the dunk.” And while you may see short guys get away with a few fast break dunks, you don’t normally see them throw down in heavy traffic. And you certainly don’t see them do it on an alley-oop…

…Unless you were watching Bryce Cotton last night.

The 6’1″ Jazz guard took a LONG approach to the basket and threw down over about three Mavericks defenders. He took the perfect lob from Rodney Hood and sealed the deal on the way to a Jazz victory.

Here’s the clip:

Man, could Bryce Cotton have been any further away from the basket when slamming that? How long do his arms get?

Anyway, it’s late enough in the season that we can start talking about the dunk of the year in earnest, and I think this is a pretty great candidate.

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