Carter Capps Has The MLB’s Strangest Pitch Delivery (Videos)

Carter Capps pitch delivery

Miami Marlins relief pitcher Carter Capps has only pitched 105.1 innings in his first four seasons in the Majors, accumulating just three wins, three losses, 12 holds, and two blown saves.  Those numbers are nothing special, but he’s quickly becoming a household name thanks to his awkward delivery, which is one of the strangest movements we’ve seen on an MLB mound since Hideo Nomo made is Major League debut back in 1995.

Check it out:

Is that even legal?  According to Capps, who claims he spoke to the league about his delivery, it is.  Here’s why, via

“They just said they wanted me to make sure I dragged my foot and not get too elevated in the air, and make sure it’s more on a lateral plane,” Capps said. “As long as I do that, they have no problem with it. But it was very strange.”

So, does it work? His career 4.78 ERA and 1.48 WHIP would suggest it doesn’t, but his perfect inning against the Braves last night has me suddenly second-guessing myself.

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