This Orioles Fan Turned His Back on Every A-Rod At-Bat (Pics)

Orioles fan

Baseball fans are a funny lot, especially the old ones, who believe in the sanctity of the game, and the lack of respect that the young players have for those that came before them. They do things like this Orioles fan did last night, which is turn his back on A-Rod because…well, there’s lots of reasons to be upset with A-Rod.

During the Yankees-O’s game, Orioles fan Tolbert Rowe stood up and turned around every time A-Rod took the plate. It’s pretty funny.

Look here:

Rowe went on to tell the Washington Post this after the game:

“I don’t respect him. He doesn’t deserve to be watched. Absolutely not, I’m sorry. You know, and now they got all this about his tying Willie Mays’s record and the $6 million, and he has the audacity to think that he should be paid. I’m sorry. I don’t respect the guy. Not one bit.”

If he thinks that having the audacity to think you should be paid huge sums of money is a character flaw, there’s probably a few hundred other ballplayers he should turn his back on.

I bet this guy is the type of person that wakes up every morning, looks in the mirror while shaving, and gets heartbroken thinking about what the designated hitter rule is doing to baseball.

This update Tweet of the guy doing the EXACT SAME THING is great as well:

If he had turned around, he may have been happy to know that A-Rod went 0-4 with two strikeouts, a ground-out, and a pop-out.

But he missed it.

Hat Tip – [Washington Post]

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