San Antonio Spurs Form 80s Rock Band Called “Spuran Spuran” (Video)

spurs 80s rock back spuran spuran

I can’t really think of a clever way to introduce this story, so I’ll just start by stating the facts: members of the San Antonio Spurs have formed a fake 80s rock band called Spuran Spuran. Its members include Matt Bonner, Aron Baynes, Kawhi Leonard, and Patty Mills, plus the Spurs creepy coyote mascot, presumably just to make things even weirder.

On Monday, Spuran Spuran released a video teasing the release of another video on Tuesday. And if the video of Tuesday is anything like the video announcing the video, it’s going to be amazing.

I’m just going to stop writing now so you can stop reading and just watch this:

Yep, that was weird. But also fairly awesome. My only complaint is that there’s no¬†Tim Duncan. Tim Duncan would have made this perfect.

Still, I’m looking forward to the debut of Spuran Spuran’s first official video tonight.

Oh, and for you kids out there who don’t get the name, it’s a play on Duran Duran, which was a band. Ask your mom. Your dad probably won’t admit he liked them.

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