25 Andrew Wiggins GIFs That Will Leave You Thinking the Cavs Might Have Made a Huge Mistake

andrew wiggins gifs

This list of Andrew Wiggins GIFs probably gives the Cleveland Cavaliers some mixed emotions.

On the one hand, the GIFs restore the reputation of their front office, proving that they do actually know what they’re doing, and that wasting the number one pick in 2013 on Anthony Bennett was a one-time error in judgement. So this must make the Cavs happy.

On the other hand, these 25 Andrew Wiggins GIFs—taken almost entirely from his stellar rookie season—will probably also make the Cavs wonder whether or not they made a terrible mistake trading Wiggins to the Minnesota Timberwolves for Kevin Love, a guy who can’t seem to be happy in Cleveland and might end up leaving via free agency after just one year.

Of course, if Cleveland wins a championship this year, it’s Andrew Who?

But if they don’t, and Love leaves, and LeBron gets old, and the Cavs never win a championship? Well then these GIFs are probably gonna haunt them forever. In which case…um, sorry?




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