Aaron Hernandez Found GUILTY of the Murder of Odin Lloyd

Aaron Hernandez

If you missed your morning cup of coffee, perhaps the news of a big murder conviction will help kick-start your day. After months of build-up and trial, Aaron Hernandez was found guilty of the premeditated murder of Odin Lloyd.

The jury deliberated for 35 hours in the matter, and despite the fact that there was little in the way of motive and no murder weapon obtained, there was a boatload of physical evidence against Aaron Hernandez, including a shell casing in his rental car, his DNA at the crime scene, tire tracks at the crime scene, and his own security system showing footage of Aaron Hernandez returning home with a pistol.

Unless Hernandez wins an appeal (an appeal is automatic in this instance), he’s looking at a mandatory life in prison sentence without parole. Hernandez was also found guilty of firearms and ammunitions charges, but those likely won’t have much practical effect on the sentence given to him for the murder itself.

Remarkably, it wasn’t until closing arguments that Aaron Hernandez’ lawyer admitted that his client was present at the time of the killing. Kind of an odd time to change your story, no?

No date for an appeal has been set, and Hernandez will remain in custody during both the wait and the trial itself.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]


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