Jordan Spieth Letter Written in 2009 Reveals Masters Dream to Scholarship Donors (Pic)


Golf is a rich person’s game. If you’re lucky, you can play a round at a public course for $20. But you’re going to pay at least $40 for a round on a better course.

So how do you become a pro golfer if you’re family is not particularly wealthy? Well, in the case of 2015 Masters champion Jordan Spieth, you do it with the help of some generous benefactors.

Spieth grew up in Dallas where he attended a private high school called Jesuit College Prep, where the tuition for Freshmen in 2015-16 will be $16,400. Spieth’s family wasn’t exactly destitute, but they weren’t wealthy, either, so they qualified for financial aid. And in 2009, when Spieth was a junior, he wrote a letter to some donors from the school’s scholarship fund, thanking them for their generosity and telling them a little bit about himself.

The best part of the Jordan Spieth letter? “My dream is to play professionally and win the Masters.”

Take a look:

jordan spieth letter
Certainly didn’t take Spieth very long to realize his life’s dream, did it?

Hat Tip – [@bhorn55 via Dallas Morning News]

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