Let’s All Critique the New Cleveland Browns Uniforms (Gallery)

new cleveland browns uniforms

Back in February, the Cleveland Browns became the laughing stock of the sports world (again) when they made a big huge deal about the unveiling of a new logo when in fact all they did was tweak the color.

Fortunately for them, Tuesday’s unveiling of the new Cleveland Browns uniforms was not a repeat of that PR fail. The nine new jersey-pant combinations—in brown, white, and orange—are actually a pretty significant departure.

The two most notable features of the new unis are wordmarks on the front of the jerseys and down the pant legs. The former says “Cleveland” and looks pretty good. The latter says “Browns” and, at first glance, looks like an arena football uniform from 1993.

As for the less notable details…there’s been a reduction in the number of stripes on the sleeves from five to three, the numbers are actually embroidered (like logos on many baseball uniforms), and the chest wordmark is sewn on. Which is pretty innovative.

On the whole, the new uniforms are a pretty nice combination of old school and new school. The only problem is the pants. But that can be easily changed in the future when they realize it’s dumb.

Here, in case you forgot, are what the old Browns unis looked like:

old cleveland browns uniforms

And here for your viewing pleasure are the new ones:

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