Compare the Obama and Bush First PItches in this GIF

first pitch

We don’t like to get political here at TPS, but we have to call ’em like we see ’em. ¬†And based on this GIF comparing the first pitches of Barack Obama and George W. Bush, the democrats should just pack it up and go home. Game over.

Before any more fanfare, let’s go to the tape…er, GIF:

Ouch. Bush doesn’t exactly have the mechanics under control (no wind-up?), but he throws something that looks very close to a strike. Obama causes the catcher to get a hernia reaching for a pitch that eventually struck a terminally ill boy in the mezzanine (not really).

I guess what we’re getting at is…if you’re a baseball fan, and you’re old enough to vote, and you want a leader that can demonstrate strength by throwing a heater right down the pipeline…

Go back in time and vote for Bush again. His first pitches give this nation strength.

Hat Tip – [Reddit]

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