20 Greatest Playoff Beards in NHL History

greatest playoff beards nhl history stanely cup playoffs

The Stanley Cup Playoffs are upon us. And for most NHL players, that means it is time to ditch the razors and embrace pogonotrophy—or the art cultivating facial hair. 

Of course, not every NHL player can grow manly beard worthy of being commemorated in an oil painting or sculpture. And although these lesser men will try valiantly to grow one anyway, they will fail. Which is unfortunate.

Luckily there are also plenty of players who can grow luscious playoff beards. And it is our hope that these men will read today’s list of the 20 greatest playoff beards in NHL history and aspire to greatness. 

What are the qualities that separate an average playoff beard from the greatest playoff beards of all time? Well, to create our ranking, we looked as dozens of playoff beards and evaluated them across four categories: (1) density, (2) shape, (3) color, and of course (4) intangibles. Then, after looking up what an algorithm is, we just went with our gut. Thus, the whole process was pretty scientific.

But enough of that. Let’s look at some awesome playoff beards already…


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