College Outfielder Makes an Amazing Catch over a Wall (Video)

amazing catch

Baseball’s got its share of exciting moments, but nothing quite compares to a player making an insane catch.

More than a home run or a strikeout, an amazing catch is a sudden display of athleticism, and you don’t get many of those in baseball. However, University of Evansville gave us an amazing catch last night, courtesy of Josh Jyawook, who threw caution to the wind and went tumbling over the outfield wall to rob an Indiana batter of a home run.

Here’s the catch. Strap on your helmet for safety’s sake:

Points to whoever wrote that Tweet. I guess a copy editor from 1920 got hold of a time machine and jumped forward a hundred years. “EXTRA, EXTRA! HIGHWAY ROBBERY IN BLOOMINGTON! READ ALL ABOUT IT!”

But they might be right about catch of the year. It might be catch of my lifetime if it wasn’t for that one clip of a guy literally running THROUGH the wall to make a catch.

Here’s that one:

Now THAT’S highway robbery.

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