Here’s Every Time Jordan Spieth Talked to His Ball at Augusta (Video)

Jordan Spieth

Jordan Spieth isn’t your typical Masters champion, but he does have a few of the tendencies that it seems most great golfers have. For instance, he talks to his ball mid-flight. A lot. And I’m guessing he does it even though the ball never talks back to him.

Because microphones are powerful things, we’ve got a clip of every time Jordan Spieth talked to his ball during Sunday’s round at The Masters. And it’s 90 seconds long. That’s longer than every conversation I’ve had in the past week. He must really have a lot to say to his balls.

Here’s the clip:

Sure, it’s all about golf NOW, but once the sponsors dig their hooks into him, Jordan will be contractually obligated to say things like, “Eat Doritos!,” “For smoother performance, use Pennzoil!,” or “Taco Bell: Now open until 1 AM or later!”

That would actually¬†be pretty awesome. Until then, we’ll have to live with him saying actual golf-related stuff to his balls, which is probably more appropriate, but way less entertaining.

At least he’s not saying anything racist or politically controversial to his balls…At least¬†not in public. Who knows what this newcomer tells his golf balls in the privacy of his home. Probably all sorts of weird stuff.

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