Unbelievable Kevin Pillar Catch Robs Rays of a Home Run (Video)

kevin pillar catch

The fences at most ballparks are only seven or eight feet high, making it fairly easy for most outfielders to make home run-saving grabs. However, this is not the case in Toronto. At the Rogers Centre, the fences are 10 feet high, so if you want to rob somebody of a home run you need excellent timing and a ton of athletic ability.

Turns out Blue Jays left fielder Kevin Pillar has both of those qualities. On Wednesday night, with the Jays up 11-3 on the Tampa Bay Rays in the top of the 7th, he scaled the Rogers Centre’s 10-foot fence to steal what would have been shortstop Tim Beckman‘s second career home run.

Check it out:

In. Sane. This play shall henceforce be known as “The Kevin Pillar Catch.” That’s how good it was.

The funny thing is that Pillar, 26, is supposedly just filling in for the injured Michael Saunders, whom the Jays picked up from Seattle in the offseason. However, if Pillar keeps making plays like that, with a batting line of .314/.314/.486 the Jays are going to have no choice but to keep playing him.

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