Fans at Orioles Game Get Ejected for a Very Pathetic Fight (Video)

Orioles game

I’m not a proponent of fighting, especially in a public place like a sporting event. There are kids and thousands of other people around who want nothing but a nice wholesome evening of some boring baseball. Not fighting.

However, I’m also not a proponent of wasting people’s time. If you’re going to fight with someone, FIGHT. Don’t take their shirt off and wrap them up in a soft lover’s embrace. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened at Camden Yards last night during an Orioles game.

Two guys came to “blows” over something, and it turned out to be a pretty pathetic fight. Somehow, strangely, one of the fighter’s shirts was removed in the first 20 seconds. That’s kind of weird that a fighter’s first move would be to remove someone’s shirt. Maybe this was more about love than fighting.

Here’s the clip:

Those poor fans can yell “Hit him!” as much as they want. They can’t force a good fight.

The Orioles game went on, and these two idiots got ejected. They hopefully were sent to a fighting academy afterwards to learn that if you’re going to have the indecency to fight at an Orioles game, you better make it worth everyone’s while.

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