Pacquiao’s Punching Bag Has Floyd Mayweather’s Face on It (Pic)

Pacquiao's punching bag

As we near the Pacquaio-Mayweather fight, we get more and more access to the two high-profile fighters as they prepare to kill each other. For instance, Manny Pacquiao‘s punching bag, his speedbag, more specifically, has a picture of Floyd Mayweather’s face on it.

That’s pretty cool—because the sentiment is awesome, but also cool because someone from Pacquiao’s camp probably had to drive around town looking for a place that paints punching bags. Kudos to that person, by the way. It’s a very nice painting.

Here’s the Tweet that made the big reveal:

Is it okay for me to make a joke about how Mayweather’s punching bag has a picture of his girlfriend on it? No? It’s not? That’s in terrible taste? Ok. Got it. My mistake.


Pacquiao-Mayweather takes place on May 2nd. Don’t forget to mortgage your house to get it on PPV. Or you could maybe hit up a loan shark for $20k or so and find your way to Vegas to actually go see the fight in person. Because it’s expensive, you see.

Maybe boxing fans should put pictures of both fighters on punching bags.

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