Tank Hard: The Sixers Had Joel Embid Coaching the Team Last Night to Ensure They’d Lose to Miami (Video)

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Coming into their final game of the regular season against the Miami Heat, the Philadelphia 76ers had already tanked enough to assure they’d finish in at least the bottom three. However, that didn’t mean they were actually going to try to win.

It just so happens that Philly owns Miami’s first round draft pick in 2015, which they got from Cleveland in the three-team Love-Wiggins trade, who got it from Miami in the LeBron sign-and-trade back in 2010. This pick, however, is top-10 protected. That means if Miami finishes in the bottom 10 in the league, giving them a 91% chance of getting a top-10 pick in the draft, they keep it for themselves and the Sixers get their pick next year.

Well, guess where Miami was heading into the final game of the season? That’s right, 10th from the bottom. If they beat the Sixers and the Nets lost, the two teams would be tied for 10th-last, and Miami might have to give their pick to Philadelphia. Which is good for Philadelphia and bad for Miami. However, if Miami lost, they’d assure themselves of a bottom-10 finish, keep their pick, and even get a chance at a higher pick through the ridiculous lottery system. Which is good for Miami and bad for Philadelphia.

So Wednesday night’s 76ers-Heat game? Yep. It was a tank-off. And the Heat, having been to the NBA Finals the past four years, winning two championships, were no match for the Sixers.

Sure, the Heat sat Wade, Deng, Dragic, Charlmers, and Andersen. But the Sixers had last year’s #3 overall pick Joel Embid coaching the team during timeouts.

Now that’s good tanking.

Obviously, with a rookie who’s never played a single NBA game drawing up plays for Philadelphia, Miami won the game 105-101. But luckily for them the Nets won too. So Miami will probably get to keep their 2015 draft pick.

Sorry, Sixers.

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