Things Got Weird During a UNC-High Point Rain Delay (Video)

rain delay

I’m all for having fun during baseball games. The monotony of the season can lead to a bit of cabin fever, making players act out in really juvenile ways with pranks, slip-n-slides, and all that. However, things got downright bizarre during a rain delay between UNC and High Point this week.

I’d seen a bunch of reports that the two teams started a “fruit war,” which I took to mean they lobbed fruit at each other. Okay. Fine. Whatever.

Nope. This fruit war involved UNC players really getting into character and pretending like they were a platoon in the Mekong Delta. There was actually very little fruit involved (bananas, FYI), and lots and lots of soldier role-playing.

It’s weirder than it is charming.

Take a look:

Did they all want to do this ahead of time? How did the person whose idea this was get everyone else to buy-in? Did they have to go over to the other side and spend fifteen minutes explaining what they wanted to do?

So many questions.

Hat Tip – [Sporting News]

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