ESPN Animated the NBA Plays of the Year, and We’ve Got ‘Em (Video)

NBA plays of the year

You can argue until the cows come home about what deserves to be considered one of the 10 best NBA plays of the year, but you can’t argue that ESPN’s take on their list is pretty cool. It’s like an A-Ha video that surfaced 30 years later and features Russell Westbrook.

I’m not sure how they did it but I’m sure it’s computers or something. Or a guy with very fast hands did it live. I’m no animation expert. See for yourself right here:

Pretty cool, eh? The NBA plays of the year take on a whole new life when they look like demented, spastic cartoon characters.

Of course, if you aren’t familiar with the plays to begin with, then these are probably not much help. You might get a general sense of the play, but not the specifics or context. Oh well. Just focus on how cool it all looks.

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