ESPN Suspends Britt McHenry after Angry Rant Surfaces (Video)

Britt McHenry

ESPN personality Britt McHenry has been given some time to think about what she’s done as the Worldwide Leader suspended her one week after an angry rant was captured on tape.

McHenry was at a tow lot (not a lot of happy people visit those), when a surveillance camera recorded her berating and threatening a tow lot employee.  The incident has nothing to do with her job, besides a few references to the fact that she’s on TV, and that will somehow enable her to get vengeance against the people who towed her car. Or something. It’s not exactly clear and rational.

Heres’ the rant. Earmuffs on the kids, please (NSFW Language):

Doesn’t she know that tow lots are horrible places to behave badly. Those places are like prisons with their cameras and walls and barbed wire. You want to be as polite as possible there, even though if you’re there, it means things have taken a sh*tty turn over the course of your week.

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