MMA Fighter Has To Convince Ref Opponent Is Out Cold (Video)

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Here’s something you don’t see every day. MMA fighter Chad George was squaring up against Mark Vorgeas at Bellator 136, when he noticed that his opponent, after a long and certainly excruciating headlock, was unconscious.

I’m not an MMA expert, but I’m pretty sure that is one of the ref’s main responsibilities: Make sure the MMA fighter is conscious so the other one doesn’t go to town on a defenseless, sleeping opponent.

Fortunately, Chad George’s decency exceeded his bloodlust, so he pleaded the issue to the ref, who then stepped in to see for himself and decided, yup, that guy was sleepy or something. He called the fight, and Chad George got a rightful W.

Here’s the clip:

I mean, you gotta get one decent punch in on the passed out guy, right? Just for fun?

Hat Tip – [BJPenn]

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