Rugby Interview Crashed by Teammate in his Underwear (Video)

Rugby interview

We’ve all got a friend or coworker who will just take any opportunity to humiliate you, even if it comes at their own expense. Rugby player Joe Wheeler has a teammate like that in Fumi Tanaka, who took the opportunity to crash a remote rugby interview with the Highlanders forward.

Of course, that alone wouldn’t have derailed this New Zealand rugby interview. Oh no. Photobombing is now far too common for that to be newsworthy, especially halfway around the globe. However, he upped the stakes by invading the interview wearing nothing but his underwear and curling up with Wheeler as he speaks to the show’s hosts.

Here’s a video. Be glad you’re not Joe Wheeler:

Or maybe wish you WERE Joe Wheeler. He doesn’t look the least bit surprised at the appearance, and seems very content to gently pet his semi-naked teammate during the rugby interview while the studio hosts have no choice but to laugh.

Hat Tip – [SportsJOE]

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