Yankee and Red Sox Fans Dump Beer on Each Other (Video)

Yankee and Red Sox Fans

If ever you needed a clip of the pettiness and stupidity of Yankee and Red Sox fans at their worst, this is it.

A couple of Yanks and Sox fans at Yankee Stadium took to calling each other names, acting tough, and resolving their differences like children. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

Here’s the video. Please stay six feet back, otherwise, you’ll be in the splash zone:

Note the traditional baseball crowd in the cheap seats ($400 each?) of Yankee Stadium, going absolutely ape sh*t when they realize the prospect of a Red Sox fan getting his beer knocked out of his hand.

At the most, it’s humanity being ugly. ¬†At the very least, it’s a waste of $11 stadium beers all because a guy walking to his seat felt the need to rag on a jackass in a Sox hat.

There’s a shortage of likable characters here, but watch that beer fly!

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