Argument over Jordan vs. LeBron Ends with Assault

Jordan vs. LeBron

We know that debates over who’s the better player in the NBA can get contentious. We know that comparing Kobe vs. Jordan vs. LeBron can bring up some heated conversation, but normally violence can be avoided.


But not this one time in State College, PA, as two roommates got into the matter of Jordan vs. LeBron, and the “discussion” ended with one of them in jail for assault. No word on whether this was the Jordan or LeBron backer, but…come on. I don’t want to feed the bears, but how do you even compare the two? Michael Jordan has the best resume in the sport. LeBron is still teasing people with his potential 11 years in.

Police were called to an apartment at 4 A.M., which is the best time to have heated sports discussions. There, a 22 year-old was charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, and terroristic threats. I’m not so sure about that last charge. That one seems like overkill.

Unfortunately and remarkably, we don’t have photos or videos of the event. So feel free to bring the topic up with your friends and create your own scenario that ends with jail time!

Hat Tip – [The Daily Collegian]


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