Footage of a Detroit Tigers Fan Brawl on Opening Day Surfaces (Video)

Detroit Tigers fan brawl

Opening Day is normally a pretty mild affair, with all the baseball traditionalist turning out to pay for overpriced tickets. However, that doesn’t mean that sh*t can’t go down.

A Detroit Tigers fan¬†brawl broke out in the parking lot on opening day amidst some fans that…that just seemed like the type of fans that would brawl at a sporting event.

Here are two clips of the incident:


Honestly, I don’t have the slightest idea what the context of this fight is, but I’m positive there’s no explanation that would satisfy me, and make me think, “Yeah, a bunch of girls should have beaten the hell out of each other for that.”

The videos are long, and perhaps what’s most disturbing about these clips is how unfazed the rest of the fans are that this is going on around them. I hope this isn’t a slice of life in Detroit, but I wouldn’t rule it out.


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