Eagles Sign Tebow, Eagles Fans Go Apesh*t (Video)

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It’s official. Tim Tebow is back.

According to ESPN, Tebow and the Philadelphia Eagles agreed to a one-year minimum-salary contract after the 2007 Heisman Trophy winner worked out for the team last month, and they put off making the deal official to give the team a chance to trade third-stringer Matt Barkley. However, after failing to find a deal for Barkley, the Eagles decided to just throw Tebow into the expanding QB pot along with Sam Bradford, Mark Sanchez, and Barkley so Football Jesus can participate in the entire offseason program.

So what is Chip Kelly‘s plan for Tebow? The way I see it, there are three possibilities.

Possibility #1: Kelly actually thinks Tebow can excel on the zone-read option and plans to use him if Bradford or Sanchez goes down.

Possibility #2: Kelly still plans to ship one or more of his misfit quarterbacks to another team so he can somehow draft Marcus Mariotta.

Possibility #3: Kelly is just trying to piss off Eagles fans.

Of course, if it’s #3, then Kelly’s plan is already a HUGE success. Because Eagles fans are effing pissed.

Classic. My favorite part was the bit about Mark “taco-truck eating motherf*cker at two in the godd*mn morning puttin’ horse radishes and shit on his [inaudible] burrito” Sanchez. But his simple “THIS MOTHERF*CKER CANNOT THROW A FOOTBALL, CHIP!” was a close second.

Buckle up, everybody. Tebowmania 3.0 is going to be hilarious.

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