Giants Fan Gets a Foul Ball Tossed into his Beer (Video)

Giants fan

A Giants fan found that he got a special prize with his beer as a mishandled foul ball tossed into the crowd ended up falling right into his cup.

It was mildly entertaining. However, because baseball games are long and often devoid of action, the announcers made a meal out of this moment and acted like it was Lou Gerhig’s speech or something.

When the jovial fan didn’t scowl or take a machine gun out after he got a ball in his beer, the announcers declared that he “leads the league in attitude,” despite being a fan, not a player, and there being no quantifiable metrics for attitude.

Their response is far funnier than the actual event, and you can check it out here:

What a hero. He should run for president!

These announcers seem to have pretty low standards for human behavior, but I’m glad this Giants fan could impress them.

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