Grizzlies Mascot Goes WWE on Blazers Mascot in Game 1 (Video)

Grizzlies mascot

The NBA playoffs kicked off on Saturday, and while there was plenty of great basketball being played, the star of the weekend may have been Grit, the Memphis Grizzlies mascot. While other mascots were just running around, lifting their arms in the air, the Grizzlies mascot climbed a ladder and frog-splashed the Blazers’ mascot (uh, probably not the official one) through a table.

It was awesome and dangerous, and not the first time he’s done this.

Here are two clips:

#Grizz #Wedontbluff

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The playing of “Enter Sandman” just seals the deal.

I think more mascots should be outwardly hostile to the opposing teams’ mascots, and they should also put themselves in harm’s way more often for our amusement.


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