This Gruesome Saudi Arabian Soccer Injury Might Ruin Your Lunch (Video)

saudi arabian soccer injury

I hate to break it to you, internet, but that’s not a picture of some dude’s shoe hanging off his foot. That’s a picture of some poor dude’s ankle broken in half.

The poor dude in question is Emad Sahabi of Saudi club Al Orubah. During a match against Al Shoalah on Saturday in the top flight Saudi Professional League, the midfielder got tangled up with an opponent while going for a lose ball and, somehow, wound up breaking his ankle in half.

It probably really hurt.

We weren’t kidding with the “gruesome Saudi Arabian soccer injury” bit in the headline, huh?

The crazy thing is that, right after Sahabi sits up, you don’t think anything is wrong. You see him reaching for his ankle and assume he’s just faking it like soccer players are wont to do. Then he moves his leg, and you realize the horrible truth.

Here’s hoping Emad Sahabi makes a full and (relatively) speedy recovery.

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